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What and why?
The Bible is an amazing old book. Inspired by God, this collection of old texts has been studied for thousands of years. In each group, we will pick a story from the Bible, reflect on the meaning and talk about what we learn from that story.
We will also learn more about the lives of the Saints. We probably know that Saints are Holy people but what does that really mean? Holy people make God the most important focus of their life. The Saints listened to God and let God work through them. They tried to see people as God sees us and treat them as God treats us. The Saints love people especially the poor, the sick and people who no one else loves. In each session we will focus on one Saint, look at their lives and discuss what we can learn from that saint.
What if I don’t know much about the Bible or the Saints?
Everyone is very welcome to come. You don’t have to be Catholic or know a lot about the Saints or the Bible. You don’t have to do any reading or bring anything with you to join in. Ephpheta staff including Fr Michael (with an interpreter) will lead the groups.
When is this happening?: Friday 3rd July (Deaf Bible Group)
Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the group talk – we will make videos on our Ephpheta website soon.
You are welcome to: Join us for Mass at the Ephpheta Centre at 10.30am on each Friday. Join us for morning tea after Mass and before each session. Join us for lunch for the price of $5 (or bring your own lunch) after each session
Sessions will run from 11.30am on the following Fridays at the Ephpheta Centre. They will go until about 1pm.