What We Do

The Ephpheta Centre is a Centre for deaf and hard of hearing people. Our work includes pastoral care, sacramental services, support and advocacy. Visitation is an important part of our work. The Eph... See More

Our History

The Ephpheta Centre was established in 1979 to provide services for the Catholic deaf community in Sydney.   Sr Helen Gaffey was appointed to work with the Catholic Deaf in Sydney. The Sister... See More

Our Team

  David David Parker is the Manager of Community at the Ephpheta Centre. He is an experienced community teacher and is passionate about technology for deaf peop... See More

What is Deafness

What is Deafness? There are variations in definitions when we talk about deafness and hearing loss.     The word “Deaf”  and the “Deaf Community “ are desc... See More

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement The Vision of the Ephpheta Centre is to give God's love by following the Good News of Jesus Christ and reaching out to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities. Mission Stateme... See More