What is happening to Ephpehta during June 2020

Hello and Good Afternoon. 
Today is the 27th May, 2020. 
As some of you know there have been different messages and information from the Australian Government as well as the different States around Australia about the easing of restrictions due to the Corona Virus. It has left us all feeling very confused. 
The Deaf Community have been asking us when will the Ephpheta Centre be open again for Deaf Café and for Mass? Our answer is that the Ephpheta Centre will remain closed for now. We will let you know when it will be open again. 
We have been watching and following the Government announcements regularly and we feel that the Ephpheta Centre will need to remain closed. 
The reason for this is that many deaf people come to the Ephpheta Centre for Deaf Café, Deaf Mass services and other community events. They come via public transport. They use the train, the bus or taxi and some of them are coming from a long way.  
When a lot of people come to the Ephpheta Centre, it can get very crowded. This is seen as a risk with the Coronavirus still around. Also, the Ephpheta Centre is a very small building with limited space and we need to observe the physical distancing (1.5 m apart). 
How can we observe the physical distancing in a small building with so many people? The answer is we can’t.  That is why the Ephpheta Centre will remain closed up until the end of June. We will let you know if the Ephpheta Centre will repoen from July.  
The Ephpheta Centre will be closed throughout all of June. 
Thank-you for understanding 
Why is the Ephpheta Centre still closed and the pubs, clubs and restaurants are slowly reopening? 
Because we need to look after our deaf community, especially our older ones who are over 70. 
As I said before most of our community come to the Ephpheta Centre via public transport are coming from a long way. Also, our deaf community love to have a chat and to catch up with old friends at a close distance.  
We will continue to provide regular videos. Please check our Ephpheta Centre website, on our updates page or on our Facebook community page. Please check the Facebook page for announcements regarding interpreted Mass online every Friday and Sunday mornings.  
Please take care and stay safe. Look after yourselves. Stay positive. Be careful when washing your hands all the time and keeping physical distance. 
God bless you all