Corona Virus Pandemic March 2020

Now is a very hard time with corona virus impacting people in NSW and throughout the world. There is a lot of uncertainty and many of us are not sure what to do. This is a challenging time.

We know that it is a time to be careful and continue to look after each other in an appropriate way. We need to continue to support people so that they do not feel more isolated. This is especially the case with people who are older or who have additional health challenges which means that they are at risk of becoming sick.

Many people are keeping themselves safe by staying at home.

Ephpheta knows that it is very important to continue to support our community at this time with faith and love, whilst also keeping people safe. This means that we have to cancel or postpone some events, and look for other ways to support our community. We also know that at this time we need to ask God for his strength, guidance and protection.

We will let you know in some following videos changes which Ephpheta is making.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook and website for more updates.