Ephpheta Centre –  Important notice:

On or around October 2021, the Ephpheta Centre experienced a cyberattack in which personal information may have been accessed without authorisation. It appears that the purpose of the attack was to send fraudulent emails from Ephpheta Centre email addresses.  

The personal information includes individual’s first and last names, personal and business contact details (such as their email address, telephone number and, in some cases, Medicare number), religious beliefs, health information (such as whether or not an individual is hearing and/or vision impaired and employee medical certificates), employment related information in respect of Ephpheta’s employees (such as income information and tax file numbers) and financial information (such as account and credit card statements).

The Ephpheta Centre is also conducting extensive investigations to determine if there are any particular individuals at risk as a result of the attack and will notify those individuals directly (if any are identified).  The Ephpheta Centre has notified the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and taken steps to immediately stop the unauthorised access and reduce the risk of future breaches.

For more information, including steps that affected individuals can take to reduce the risk of harm, you can contact us via phone (02 9708 1396) or email ([email protected]) or visit

Thanks David and Liz.
Ephpheta Centre 15 November 2021.