Weekly Mass Services in Auslan

Sunday Mass in Auslan at Our Lady of Assumption, Homebush

We have Masses in Auslan with interpreters and they are also live streamed. We have Masses at HomeBush on first, second and fourth Sundays every month. We also have Masses at Lalor Park on third Sunday every month.

For other Masses, you can go to your local parish and also access Mass For You at Home on Channel 10 which is  live streamed with Auslan interpreters.
Take care. The Ephpheta Team. January 2023.

2023 - Year A - Weekly Masses in Auslan

2022 - Year C - Weekly Masses in Auslan

2021 - Year B - Weekly Masses in Auslan

2020 - Year A - Weekly Masses in Auslan

Special Masses

Friday Mass at St Mary Cathedral

Sunday Mass in Auslan at St Mary Cathedral

Friday Mass in Auslan at Ephpheta Chapel

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