Supporting People

Baptism (Sometimes called 'Christening')

We can support people who would like to have their baby or young child baptised into the Catholic Church. It is customary for Catholic people to baptise their young babies or children. Baptism is on... See More

Funeral Services

Preparing for a funeral can be very hard and sometimes confusing. It is a very difficult time for people when a loved one has died. People often need different kinds of support. Ephpheta can support... See More

Wedding Preparations

Before you get married it is so important to participate in a marriage preparation course. Marriage preparation will help a couple to understand many parts of being married that they may not have thou... See More

Becoming a Catholic

If you would like to know more about joining the Catholic Church or you would like to know more about what the Catholic Church is, Ephpheta can help you find all the information you need. You can ma... See More

Need Some Company?

We all have times in our live when we feel a little lonely. You might have left work, or moved to a new area. You might have just become a full time parent or are looking for something new.   W... See More

Volunteering at Ephpheta

Volunteering for Ephpheta is a great way to support the community and have some social time with others. Ephpheta often needs volunteers to fold the newsletter for postage, or prepare food for a big... See More
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